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Lancashire Rock : The Definitive Guide

The Training Sessions

The Climb Northwest Climbing Squad training sessions are run by a small team of volunteer coaches headed by Shona Hanmer. Each session is two hours long and they run from 2.30pm to 4.30pm every other Sunday. Each session forms part of a programme of learning that extends over a 16 week period and it is important you try to attend as many of the sessions as you can to get the most out of the opportunity. The sessions on their own will help you to become a better climber but if you want to genuinely improve you will need to climb at least two times or more each week. In addition to this you need to consider one of our programmes of daily or bi-daily exercise to keep you in shape. For more information on what's best for you please consult with your coach.

Winter/Spring 2011 Dates

Sunday 9th January

Sunday 6th February

Sunday 20th February

Sunday 20th March

Sunday 3rd April

Sunday 17th April


£60 a term payable on the first session of each new term.

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