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Who we are... group

he Climb Northwest are a group of 25 dedicated young people who collectively have a single focus and goal - to improve their climbing and bouldering skills. Aged between 9 and 18 they come from all over southern Hampshire and through regular training and climbing, look to pitch their skills against other climbers of the same age through climbing and competition events. In addition, the group are supported by a growing group of adult volunteers who run the day-to-day administration, finances, climbing events and coaching sessions all headed by Jon Wilson.

What we do...

The core activities of the club are to train hard and to climb hard while at the same time simply having fun! The Squad meet every other Sunday at Climb Northwest Activities Centre where they participate in a mix of training and climbing activities with primary goals around improving fitness and climbing technique. Ultimatley, the focus is on personal improvement to point where any individual can competently compete in competitions at local and national level. Book about climbing.

How we do it...

Climbing is a mix of many different things and no two climbers are the same. By identifying these differences, the coaching team create climbing profiles for each individual and monitor their strengths, weaknesses and progress. Every individual has a programme to follow and through personal climbing logs they record their own achievement. The biggest prize in basket is to do well in a competition and although only a young Squad they have already achieved some top three spots in regional climbing events.climbing-mountain

Who we do it for...

A message to the members. Climbing is an individual sport and when you're on the wall you're climbing for yourself. However, the Climb Northwest Squad is exactly that and when you're wearing the shirt you're part of team team! You all share in the same successes and failures... a win in a competition is a win for everyone so do what you can when ever you can to support your Squad!

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